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At Oria Condominiums, every effort has been made to provide residents with an extraordinary living environment. Whether you live in Phase 1 or Phase 2, you will have access to all facilities so you can live the dream every day!

In the heart of the project, you will find a welcoming private courtyard, a dog park exclusive to residents, as well as a collective vegetable garden, where you can enjoy nature and sunshine in total peace. At the centre of this courtyard, a pedestrian path connects Place de l’Équinoxe to the large park, highlighted by a lovely work of art.

Oria Condominiums - Coworking
Aires de vie relaxantes Oria Condominiums
Aires de vie Oria Condominiums

Phase 2: Live, garden and work

Oria Phase 2 offers common areas specifically designed so you can both work and recharge your batteries. A signature lobby, collective vegetable garden, modern and practical coworking space, warm and friendly urban chalet, as well as a rooftop terrace with swimming pool, beach-like relaxation area and exceptional views of the sunset. Oria Phase 2 will offer all this, and much more!

Oria Condominiums - Piscine

Coworking reimagined

Now that teleworking is firmly rooted in our daily lives, and to provide you with a unique experience, Oria Condominiums Phase 2 offers a vast, 1,200-square foot coworking space on the ground floor, overlooking the peaceful inner courtyard for added tranquility. Here you will find work tables, meeting rooms with monitor screens, a café area and an adjacent private courtyard.

Oria Condominiums - Coworking

Cultivate a garden

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying your own little corner of a vegetable garden? At Oria Condominiums Phase 2, you can grow your own urban garden! Discover an environment where nature reigns thanks to generous vegetation where aromatic herbs and market garden crops abound.

Piscine sur le toit Oria Condominiums

Year-round vacations

Your moments of leisure will take on a whole new meaning at Oria Condominiums Phase 2. In the summer, the 20th-floor rooftop terrace awaits, with an infinity pool, a hot tub, a deckchair area, a kitchen with BBQ, an outdoor fireplace, benches and a pergola. In the winter months, make yourself comfortable in the urban chalet equipped with a fireplace, a lounge, and a kitchen with a dining room.

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