Condominiums for sale in Brossard, on the South Shore

Oria Condominiums brings you an uncompromisingly superior lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for an upscale 1- or 3-bedroom condo, you’ll be satisfied beyond your expectations. Select your unit today!

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Treat yourself to a superior lifestyle

Every living space at Oria Condominiums has been carefully thought out to make every moment spent at home unforgettable. Nature and natural light take centre stage thanks to abundant windows and a spacious balcony. Immerse yourself in the surrounding green spaces and watch them change with the seasons.

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Timeless colour palettes


Inspired by the unique style of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, this palette offers an exquisite combination of classicism and modernity. The silver shades perfectly merge with the grey tones, creating a sleek, timeless design.


With the bright and vibrant Orsay palette, blonde wood and pure white dominate, infusing the space with richness and elegance. This palette creates a refined style when combined with golden decorative items.


The Louvre palette illuminates your living space, with colours that reflect the natural light—just like the iconic pyramid in front of the legendary Parisian museum—and wood tones reminiscent of silver birch. The ideal palette for a chic and refined monochrome style!


The Metropolitan palette offers rich and soothing textures, not unlike the New York museum of the same name. The various wood shades and dark coating perfectly combine to create a sleek and eclectic look that will delight those looking for a chic, cozy atmosphere.


With this contemporary palette, the pure white of the cabinets beautifully contrasts the dark wood panelling, enhancing the open space. The Windsor palette offers a harmonious blend of tones for the flooring, resulting in a rich and warm atmosphere.


This palette focuses on natural materials, bringing texture to the space and highlighting the modern look of raw wood. Inspired by the exterior cladding of the renowned Cambridge University, the selected tones create a warm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere—the perfect palette for a classic and sober style.


The Édimbourg palette features light tones dominated by white and sanded wood. Inspired by Scotland’s luxurious and contemporary designs, this minimalist and refined palette creates a dynamic and unaltered atmosphere while adding a modern touch to the space. Designed to reflect natural light, it will delight those looking for simplicity in its purest form.

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