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At Oria Condominiums, every effort has been made to provide residents with an extraordinary living environment. Whether you live in Phase 1 or Phase 2, you will have access to all facilities so you can live the dream every day!

In the heart of the project, you will find a welcoming private courtyard, a dog park exclusive to residents, as well as a collective vegetable garden, where you can enjoy nature and sunshine in total peace. At the centre of this courtyard, a pedestrian path connects l’Espace Explora to the large park, highlighted by a lovely work of art.

Oria Condominiums - Hall
Oria Condominiums - Gym
Oria Condominiums - Spa

Phase 1: Start with beauty

Every effort has been made to provide residents an exceptional quality of life. You will be welcomed into a prestigious and elegant double-height lobby featuring a design imbued with the latest international trends. Discover this new, exclusive living environment surrounded by a verdant park.

Admire the beauty of the changing seasons while enjoying a fully-equipped fitness centre and indoor swimming pool. Revel in moments of enveloping tranquility and contemplation with Scandinavian spa and hydrotherapy circuits that complete this space dedicated to physical and mental well-being.

Oria Condominiums - Piscine
Oria Condominiums - Perspective

End on a perfect note

Combining conviviality and elegance, the Skylounge transports you to the 10th floor, where you can gaze at the spectacular sunsets. This sumptuous double-height lounge, flooded with natural light, opens onto an adjacent terrace to reveal the finest panorama in the entire neighbourhood.

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